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 Battery Symptoms Overview
iPhone Battery SymptomHow do you know if the iPhone problem your experiencing is battery related?  Some symptoms could appear to be battery related but might not be.  For example, an original iPhone 2G that overheats (hot back) during usage and has excessive battery drain when in standby is typically a system board issue.  However, most individuals would try performing a battery replacment to correct the issue.  This page is dedicated to discussing different iPhone battery symptom scenarios to ensure good battery replacement decisions are being made.
Battery Life Slowly Degrading
This is the typical circle of life an iPhone battery experiences before requiring replacement.  If the amount of usage and talk time slowly decreases over time then performing a battery replacement should correct this issue.  This is the best case scenario for an iPhone owner considering the battery is one of the least expensive components.
Low Battery Symbol
If you try and boot your iPhone and it's stuck on the low battery symbol this is typically the battery about 70% of the time.  There are instances where the system board on the iPhone 2G can cause this symptom.
Hot Backside & Quick Battery Drain
This set of symptoms is usually related to the original iPhone 2G and is a common red herring.  The back gets hot and the battery drains within hours both in usage and standby mode.  Performing an iPhone battery replacement with these symptoms rarely corrects the issue.  This problem is typically fixed by replacing the system board on the iPhone.
No Power or Boot
An iPhone that will not power on or boot can have a few potential causes.  There could be an issue with the power button, battery, or charge dock connector.  If the dock connector goes bad the iPhone will not charge and once all the power has been discharged out of the battery it will appear to be dead.  You can also try and do a forced reboot by pressing the power button and home button at the same time for 8 seconds.  
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