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iPhone Battery Capacity Information
Our site is aligned with multiple battery resellers and manufactures. We've performed advanced testing on multiple brands of iPhone batteries.  There's a disturbing trend that is occuring from Chinese battery manufactures to inaccurately label the capacity of their batteries.  This is in an effort to "one up" each other to sell more batteries.

Apple has invested millions of dollars in battery research and development for their products. This research has led to them installing the maximum capacity battery given the pre-defined amount of space available in each iPhone. There are batteries on the market that claim 1600mAh however the battery size is identical to the OEM battery. Furthermore, when testing these higher capacity batteries they perform equally or less to the OEM sizes. There was one model that did not include the system board connector so you literally had to unsolder the connector from the old battery and solder to the 3rd party battery (see image below).
Don't be fooled by higher capacity labels because if it was possible to install a higher capacity battery Apple would have included it in the original design. Align and purchase batteries from reputable resellers that test and benchmark their products. Below are the original battery capacity specifications for the iPhone.
Original iPhone 2G = 1400mAh
iPhone 3G = 1150mAh
iPhone 3Gs = 1219mAh
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