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All you wanted to know about iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

iPhone 4 battery replacement is well known to people and one of the reasons for their popularity is the fact that its battery is fixed in nature, so it is often difficult for the owner to change it. Meanwhile, if you can equip yourself with appropriate instruments and fundamental soldering hints, replacing the battery without any side effect becomes very easy. This long lasting lithium battery can only function effectively by the application of the charge cycle for a minimum of one time per month. Be informed that the use of location services push applications, auto-checking email account coupled with incessant recovering of emails will automatically force you to charge more often. To avoid this then you need to lower the usage of all aforementioned facilities.

iPhone Battery Replacement 4s by iMobileDoctor (HD)

iPhone 4 Battery replacement warranty:
If the battery that comes with it is faulty, each buyer receives iPhone 4 battery replacement warranty for 12 months. It is alternative method of prolonging the replacement period to 24 months beginning from the point of sale. It takes the consumers into consideration by offering battery replacement with very cheap cost of service when the power reduces beyond the average capacity within the warranty period. You can always keep the iPhone 4 battery life longer by downloading the most recent software from Apple.

iPhone 4 battery replacement program: Here, the producing company render services of $79 including local tax extra, provided the fault is predominantly has to do with reduced carrying capacity of the main battery. Nevertheless, if discovered that the drop battery life is as a result of mishandling, carelessness or accident then the battery owner will not benefits from this service. It is suggested that you read and have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions.

Tips for iPhone 4 Battery Replacement:

Apple is undoubtedly a respected brand having many of products that are well demanded for in the market. Yet it is very difficult and dicey with regard to repairs with do it yourself tips. At same time, changing any iPhone 4 battery is not as simple as you thought because the cell phone battery is tightly sealed and can hardly be removed by common instruments. Despite this, if you are not too much in a hurry, coupled with X-acto knife and micro screwdrivers, both cross head and flat head brand, you can surely change the battery by yourself.

The main iPhone 4 battery replacement tips are isolating the current battery from the device by simply removing it and solder the new battery immediately. By buying the iPhone battery replacement kit, you will also gain access to the original battery as well as tools for opening it from the sellers. This is likely to cost you about $30 but with 24 weeks guarantee. Be certain that you buy extra battery kit from the established supplier with warranty time.

Obviously, iPhone 4 battery replacement with DIY steps is very cheap and less time consuming approach in relation to getting in touch with Apple. On the other hand, it is recommended that you carefully red the user manual to guide against avoidable loss or fault. Failure to adhere to the instruction and manual may lead to destruction and buying a new cell phone. Take your time; apply suitable instruments to change your iPhone 4 battery. It is also very important to adhere to the rules and suggestions of the method of increasing the life of your cell phone battery and benefit from uninterrupted length of time prior to recharging. Having given you all the ideas and alternatives, it is now left for you to act wisely.

If you want to replace the battery of your iPhone professionally and with utmost care, you can visit iMobileDoctor. You can get more details of them though their website:

iPhone Battery Replacement 4s by iMobileDoctor (DVD)

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